• Opinion piece by Charles Grant
    Cumhuriyet, 11 June 2012

    Interview with Charles Grant in Turkish on 'Turkey should focus on working more closely with the EU in specific areas, rather than the accession process.' Please see attachment.

  • Bulletin article by Katinka Barysch, 28 November 2011

    Six years after the start of accession talks, the EU and Turkey are struggling to keep up a semblance of progress. Having opened talks on 13 chapters of EU law by mid- 2010, they have not started on a new one for over a year now. Most of the remaining 22 chapters are blocked because of the Cyprus dispute and French opposition to full Turkish membership.

  • Opinion piece by Katinka Barysch
    Carnegie, 31 August 2011

    The idea of an EU-Turkey foreign policy dialogue has been catching on in European and Turkish policy circles over the last couple of years.

  • Opinion piece by Katinka Barysch
    International Herald Tribune, 02 June 2011

    Turkey's election in 2007 was preceded by threats of a military coup. The 2002 one was overshadowed by an economic meltdown.

  • Insight by Katinka Barysch, 16 May 2011

    Countries that want to join the EU need to show that their democracies work well. However, press freedom – a key ingredient of any pluralist democracy – is under threat in most of the countries that are now queuing for accession.

  • Policy brief by Katinka Barysch, 16 December 2010

    Turkey's accession to the EU is heading for an impasse. The bulk of the membership talks are blocked. Unless there is progress over Cyprus or Nicolas Sarkozy starts welcoming Turkish membership – both unlikely prospects – the EU and Turkey will soon run out of policy chapters to negotiate.

  • Policy brief by Sinan Ulgen, 07 September 2010

    Open hostility towards Turkish accession in some EU countries has made it hard for Turkish politicians to continue preparing the country for membership.

  • Opinion piece by Katinka Barysch
    Open democracy, 14 April 2010

    The EU accession process could yet be the strongest bond that Turkey has to the west. But Ankara's other links in that direction seem to be slackening.