• Bulletin article by Jana Kobzova, Tomas Valasek, 25 May 2012

    Vladimir Putin's re-election as Russia's president, and his absence from recent summits of the G8 and NATO, indicate a hardening of Russian attitudes towards the West.

  • Opinion piece by Tomas Valasek
    Bloomberg, 11 May 2012

    If war is a continuation of politics by other means, then so is soccer. That's why European Union leaders are right to use the"beautiful game" to pressure an ugly regime in Ukraine.

  • Policy brief by Charles Grant, 11 March 2011

    The revolutions in North Africa have exposed the failings of the EU's neighbourhood policy. Rather than fostering democracy, the policy entrenched autocracy.

  • Insight by Tomas Valasek, 17 December 2010

    In a study on Ukraine published in October, the CER gave President Viktor Yanukovich credit for passing difficult economic reforms but criticised his efforts to suppress political opposition. Since then, reforms have stalled while the concentration of power in the president's hands has continued unabated.

  • Policy brief by Tomas Valasek, 15 October 2010

    Ukraine is turning inwards and becoming increasingly authoritarian. The new president, Viktor Yanukovich, has taken steps to muzzle independent media, harass critics and sideline the opposition.

  • Insight by Katinka Barysch, 19 July 2010

    The US is withdrawing from the former Soviet space; the European Union struggles to be taken seriously there. Does that leave Russia free to strengthen its influence in the countries around its borders? Not necessarily, for the situation in the region is complex.

  • Policy brief by Katinka Barysch, 05 May 2010

    Nabucco - a pipeline to bring Caspian and perhaps Middle Eastern gas to Europe - is the flagship project of the EU's fledgling energy diplomacy. Nabucco would add to the EU's energy security, strengthen its neighbourhood policies and improve relations with Turkey.

  • Opinion piece by Tomas Valasek
    Financial Times, 27 April 2010

    The new Ukrainian president has got off to a bad start in foreign policy terms. Last week, Viktor Yanukovich signed a lease agreement with Moscow that will allow the Russian Black Sea Fleet to stay in Ukraine for at least another 32 years.